Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mama Bear Brigade

Stella was here for Braeden's weekly email session.  We found out he was moving to Gloucester, VA.  Stella told me about the cold wind that comes off the Chesapeake Bay in Gloucester.  She recommended I get Braeden thermals.

I said, "He doesn't really get that cold."

Stella said, "Get them for him."

Stella is 1) one of the smartest people I know and 2) fiercely loyal to Braeden.  So all I could say was a meek, "OK."

I emailed Braeden that Stella wanted me to get him thermals.  I said, "You have another Mama Bear."

He quickly emailed back:

I am happy about all of my Mama Bears :)  I love them all.  You, Janet, Wade, Sister Justesen, Sister Goings.  I'm happy.
(Ever since Stella got baptized, Braeden started calling her Sister Goings.)

I am thankful for Braeden's Mama Bears as well.  They have all saved the day at various times.  And continue to.

Yesterday morning I had a voice mail on my phone from Virginia.  (It's a sit up and pay attention sort of situation.)

It was from a pharmacy in Virginia Beach.  They were calling to let me know Braeden's prescription was ready.  I'm assuming he used my number since his changes frequently.

The only trouble?  He was moving yesterday.  To Gloucester.

In the midst of my what am I going to do now quandary, I got a text from Rebecca Justesen.  It included this picture:

He is going to miss those sweet Justesen kids!  I shot back a quick text, "Is he still there?"

He wasn't.  I explained my problem and Rebecca said if I couldn't get the prescription transferred, she'd drive it to him.

It's an hour and a half away and I'm sure she had a million things to do, but she's amazing.

I started playing detective online and looked for the ward boundaries in Gloucester.  Then I googled CVS pharmacies in Gloucester.  They did not coincide (and Braeden is not supposed to leave his area).

So then I had to call in more Mama Bears.  I called the mission office.  A kind lady answered the phone and I explained my dilemma.  She complimented me on my ability to correctly pronounce Gloucester.  (I only knew because of Stella.)

She said, "Which Elder Davis?  We have 5."

"Braeden," I said.

"Oh!  He was just here!"

She took my number and said she'd try to figure out how to help.

Soon enough a different kind lady from the mission office called.  She'd called Braeden and his companion while they were driving to Gloucester.   The companion has been living in Gloucester.  This dear lady was on the internet finding CVS pharmacies and quizzed him about which was best.  They landed on a winner.  It was in Yorktown, which is why my google search hadn't worked.

She called me with the information.  I thanked her and was relieved as I ended the call.  Seconds later she called back.

"I forgot to tell you the most important part.  Elder Davis was driving so he was on speaker phone, but he asked me to tell his mom he loves you!"

I love him too.  (You know, in case you hadn't noticed.)

I called the pharmacy in Yorktown.  It's all straightened out.

Braeden:  stressing me out for 19 and a half years.

Thank goodness for the help from Mama Bears.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Why did this make me cry?


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