Monday, December 12, 2016

Happy frivolidays

Frivolity + holidays.  We've been having a good time.

Last week, Tuesday? We headed out to go see the lights in downtown Provo (which weren't really a thing) and we hit Cracker Barrel for dinner and then bought a snow blower.

We have exciting lives, I tell you.

Life is more fun with these two.

Thursday, I met Marianne's and Tabor's families for lunch and I got to see Clarissa, returned missionary extraordinaire, for the first time since she returned home.  I cried.

That night, Adam and I went to the temple and I cried.

Friday, Mark and I went to A Christmas Carol at the Hale Theater and I cried.

Saturday, I didn't cry.

So that's something.

A Christmas Carol was so good!  I'm always amazed by what magic can be created in such a small theater.  The actors are incredibly talented and the costumes are beautiful and the sets are clever.  Besides, Mark was a good date.  He brought his own money and bought me some Peanut M&Ms.  He slid them over to me, really proud of himself.

I like that guy.

Adam was refereeing while we were gone.  He's been doing a lot of that and is enjoying it.

Saturday was Mark's birthday and I didn't take a solitary picture.  Just take it from me, he was cute all day.

We went to the ward Christmas breakfast at the church, sans Emma.  When I woke her up, she groaned and I considered all her late nights working at the theater and said, "Why don't you sleep instead."  She mumbled something that sounded grateful and we went without her.

Mark opened his gifts from Grandma Geri when we got home, with her Facetiming on the phone.  (Is Facetiming a verb?  Because I'm making it one, if not.)  He loved his gifts, a Seahawks stocking cap, some Seahawks socks and a thick book about code breakers and spies during World War II.  He could not have been happier.

Until we hit the Lego store.

We had a leisurely lunch at Red Robin and then on to the Lego store.  Mark contemplated many sets and wondered if the $120 set would work if he "pitched in some money."  That was a no.  Emma bought him a Lego set.  She thought it was on the sly but while she was sneaking up to the register, Mark slipped his Lego VIP card to her.  So he would get the points from the purchase.

It's hard to get anything past him.

We headed to Park City which was wintry and beautiful.  We checked into our hotel and then sipped hot chocolate in a covered area by outdoor heaters while the snow fell.  It was pretty much perfect.

Adam and I went to his company party and the kids swam and ordered pizza.  The Christmas party was held in a big and beautiful snow lodge in Deer Valley (again, no pictures).  I knew one person there, Adam.  I happily seated myself next to a big window by the falling snow while Adam mingled around.  The waiters were a little worried about me and kept checking on me.  (Quick, somebody talk to the lone woman by the window.) I met all the kids who are on Adam's team.  They are closer to Braeden's age than our age.  All of them.  Several of them gushed to me about how much they all love Adam.  I said, "Well, I do too!"

That's me, building bridges of commonality.

We ate dinner with another couple who were closer to our age but who were astounded by the ages of our children.  (Their oldest is 13.)  I'm a little astounded by the ages of our children too.

The food was all delicious (I got one of the end cuts of the prime rib) and we enjoyed chatting with the other couple and when I was completely full, I learned they had crème brûlée.

So yes, Adam and I split a little dish of it.  (Although I think I ate most of it.)

Crème brûlée.  One of my love languages.

Everyone we talked to was worried about the weather and the drive back through the canyon to either Utah or Salt Lake valley where everyone lived.  When they found out we were staying in a hotel, everyone marveled about how smart that was.

That's what happens when you get older, kids.  You get wiser.  (Seriously, they are all SO young.)

It was quite snowy by then and we were grateful for our 9 minute drive back to our hotel.

The night in the hotel room was another story.  I was feeling a little less smug.  There was some annoying and intermittent tapping noise, the snow plows would barrel through on the street outside every few hours, lights flashing, and we all slept restlessly and not as much as we would have liked. 

At the very least, it was memorable.

We woke up early and headed back to Pleasant Grove in the winter wonderland.  Back in time for church.

December is a happy busy time.  I like celebrating my favorite Mark Christmas present a few weeks early.

He's the best Christmas gift I ever got. (And that's counting the Barbie Dream House, which was a pretty good one.)

We had cake Sunday night and as you can see by Mark's expression, candle lighting is very serious business

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