Friday, December 16, 2016

New arrival

Braeden pulls the strings and I'm his puppet.  That kid asks nicely and I will make it happen; I'll try my best.

He wanted the Christmas bear to be in honor of Stella this year.  I was telling Emma and she got downright feisty.  Because she was tired of Braeden pulling the strings?  (He named last year's bear too.)  No.  It was because the girl doesn't want to know how the sausage is made.

"You are telling me too much information!" she said.  "I don't want to know that you don't already have the bear.   You aren't supposed to tell me anything about the bear."

It's just supposed to show up one day and I had ruined the magic.

I realized my mistake and immediately stopped talking to Emma about bears.

Adam and I found a bear that looks like the black bears Stella helps support as part of the Appalachian Bear Rescue.  They are darling bears.

A few nights ago, Adam called the kids to the living room for scripture reading.  They usually sprawl on the floor in the family room or on our bed, so this was different.

This guy was sitting on the couch in the living room and it was love at first sight.

My vote was to name him Skipper Bear.  Skipper is the miracle ABR bear that in a roundabout way, brought Stella into our lives.  Emma said she wanted a girl bear.  We didn't know if Skipper was a boy or girl.  We told her we'd Google it and find out.  Adam said, "This bear will be whatever gender Skipper is."

(You didn't know we have discussions about stuffed animal gender in our home that are solvable by Google searches, did you?)

I found our Skipper Bear is indeed a male.  I showed the kids a picture of Skipper Bear when he was first rescued:

And then when he was able to be released back into the wild:

Much oohing and ahhing ensued.

I have a feeling Skipper will be one of our favorite bears.

After the kids left the room, Adam said, "We have to get a girl bear next year!"  And I agreed.  When Emma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy....

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