Thursday, December 15, 2016

The basement

OK.  It's nothing that's going to wow anyone.  I got more caught up in book arranging than decorating for Christmas.

And no, I didn't arrange the books by color.  That was a never to be repeated disaster where we couldn't find anything ever.

I put the novels in alphabetical order by author.  I separated the memoirs from anthologies from short stories.  I put the non fiction on different shelves.  Adam's college books--political science and religious history--together and my writing books and books by people I love like Alexandra Stoddard and Sarah ban Breathnach on another shelf.  It all made me feel more peaceful, just knowing things were in order. (I put them in order initially when I placed things on the shelves but books tend to migrate.)

I sprinkled a little Christmas cheer around.

I dragged Braeden's desk from his room and set up a Santa Claus writing station...with a picture of the jolly old elf as muse.

I was very careful with these friends.  Two of the three have been grievously broken and glued together again.  I love them and need to treat them better.

Here's Emma's creation, the Christmas village:

And I put up these little trees with a picture of my three cherubs on Mark's first Christmas.

I put three Christmas puzzles on the table.  I wonder if we'll ever have the time to sit down and put one together in this busy everyone heading different directions season.

But hope springs eternal.


Olivia Cobian said...

As you organized books, did you notice if you have a copy of "Where The Red Fern Grows"? I want Lili to read it, but Cor thinks she gave hers away in TGBG (tell me you know what the acronym stands for).

Olivia Cobian said...

PS: I am wowed. Your basement looks amazing.


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