Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy December!

I bought a song book of Charlie Brown Christmas.  It makes me supremely happy to play Christmas Time is Here on the piano.  All I need are some brushes on a snare drum....

Christmas time is here and that also makes me happy.

Our house is well on its way to being ready.

The front door is ready:

The entry way is ready:

Beethoven's ready:

The Christmas bears are ready:

We open the Christmas bear box first.  The kids say each name as they pull them out of the box.  They are named after people or places or events that mattered to us that year so each one represents a bit of our lives.  Such a cuddly scrapbook!

The chalkboard is ready:

The presents are ready:

Well, almost ready.  They are awaiting ribbons.  They're lined up in the hallway until the family room tree is in place.  I've learned from sad experience that I need to wrap gifts immediately.  If I hide them, I forget where I hid them.

The kitchen sink is even ready:

Peppermint!  Makes me want to wash some dishes.  (Kind of.)

These guys are ready.  The two fat Santas are from IKEA and the wizened one in the front is from Finland.  I like to think the big Swedes are defending the Finn.  

The Legos are ready:

The dishes are ready:

I enlisted Mark's help to get them out of the tall cupboard.  I asked him to reach the mugs and he leaped up onto the counter.  Then he had to crouch down because he was up too high to stand.  I told him I meant to use his long arms.

"Oh," he said.

One place that isn't ready yet is the basement.  I decided I wanted to decorate it more this year.  My family was unsupportive.  They said we never go down there.  Which isn't true.  It's where the TV is.  And the laundry room (which I frequent).  And the YW closet (which I frequent).  I told them I wanted to do it and they didn't think it was necessary so I said, "Challenge accepted."

They all looked at me sort of blankly, what challenge?

I don't know.  But it's going to impress them when I'm finished.


In the meantime, it's red, red everywhere.  Making spirits bright.


Olivia Cobian said...

You are amazing. I love the way your house looks for Christmas.

Jennifer said...

Wow! So impressive. I want to meander around your house and soak it all in. I don't know that I'll show Savannah this blog post though. She would want to move in with you. She is sorely disappointed in me with my inability to have our house decorated during a busy week of basketball. She would love to move in with you though!


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