Wednesday, December 21, 2016

With a bang

A few days ago I was upstairs and I heard the garage door bang open and closed.  Then I heard the door between the garage and the mudroom bang.  Then the mudroom to the kitchen.  This series of bangs could mean only one thing.

Emma was home.

No one quite makes an entrance like she does.  She needed some things for an afternoon class and I wondered if she wanted some lunch.

Mark says one thing he misses about being home schooled is "lunch with Mom."  My lunch now is just a succession of weird snacks.  For example I offered Emma some sort of stale muffins from last Friday and I had a cheese stick.  I pulled out the leftover onion dip Adam made for a recent work party.  We had it with sweet potato chips.

The recipe is one of Janet's so we reminisced about fond Jorgensen memories.  We chatted about her day and I told her the report of Braeden's emails from the morning.

I let her crush up the remaining chip crumbs and mix it in with the last of the dip and eat it with a spoon.

We talked about her Christmas concert.

She looked at the time and grabbed her stuff and headed back out the door for school.

I love that the school is five minutes away.

Sometimes I look back on my blog and see some small and random memory that I would have forgotten if not for my blog.  Today I want to record so that I'll someday remember that cold December day when Emma unexpectedly came home for lunch and made my day ten times brighter.

I love having a daughter.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Good job making note of the happy little things.


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