Friday, December 9, 2016

Not my email

Some of these have been accumulating in my inbox for awhile, but today I got maybe the best one ever and I decided it was time to have another Not My Email post.

This Thelma?  The one who can't remember her email address?  She took a memory test.

She has a moderate degree of memory challenge.  When you're in the yellow zone, you forget your email address.  I can't help but think she is wondering right now how she did on the memory test.  Maybe she can't remember taking the memory test?  I don't know how a moderate degree of memory challenge works.

There's good news though! (Although she didn't get this good news, I did.)

She/I/anyone can sign up for free health email alerts!  

I got this receipt for one of the other Thelmas out there in the world.

What did she order, you ask?

Well I'll tell you.

Since I get involved in these other Thelma's lives, I wonder two things.  What exactly is a "special tax" and how did the shoes work out--for $89.99 I hope they were nice ones.  And also the daffodil and teal towels.  Sounds bright and cheery, Thelma.

I had three random pictures emailed to me.

I think the food looks good and I also wonder why this picture seems to be taken from a head table while the rest of the tables appear to have people seated on both sides.  I'd like to think Thelma's friend is some sort of dignitary.  Way to know important people, Thelma!

The following one had the subject line "penny and shirt pillow."  I'm guessing Penny is the dog?  Or maybe the dog is sitting on a penny.  Maybe the orange thing (a hat?) is named Penny?  These are questions I will never have answered.

The Twitter world is waiting for @VilogThelma to write pithy tweets.  But alas, she has not confirmed....

This one has been sitting in my inbox for awhile, but it's not too late! The cabinet isn't all appointed yet, are they?  Maybe Harry would still be able to weigh in.  If only he'd received this email....

I don't know if Carole ever got her question answered:

Dear Carole,

I don't know when ballet finishes, but it's fine with me if you use the hall after ballet.  Use it as long as you would like and have fun playing badminton with your grandsons!

Thelma Newham is playing the lottery again.  I don't know if this means she won last time and wants to keep the gravy train going or she didn't win but isn't the kind of Thelma who gives up that easily.

By the way Thelma Newham, I didn't print out your confirmation for you, even though it was recommended.  Sorry about that.

This next one hurts my feelings.  Thelma Vinson got 12 Days of Deals from Amazon and I did not.  And ordering from Amazon is my default setting.  Hmpf!

I will end with some international flair.

This one looks important and I hope this Thelma was able to get it in another way.

This one looks less important:

Is that guy cleaning her teeth or swabbing for strep throat?

And also, why?

Here's the translation:

Since I'm not Swedish, I doubt I'm the intended Thelma for this but I DO crave excitement, cooking and interior design tips!

How did they know? 

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