Thursday, December 22, 2016


Yesterday was a day of thwarted plans and traffic jams and long lines.  Then there was the orthodontist appointment and voice lesson taxiing.  The sky was overcast and gloomy.  And my eyes sort of ached all day.

Somewhere along my grumpy way, I remembered an email I'd read earlier in the week sent by one of my kids' friends.  He's a missionary and although he did come to our house a few times, I hardly know him really.  Emma is on his email list but I read his email too.

Because they make me happy.

He's just the most optimistic kid!  Surely his mission isn't such a riotous good time all day every day but that's the impression you get from his email.

He loves his life!

And I like reading about it.

I aspired to be more positive.  I got home from the marathon errand running and turned on all the Christmas lights and just decided:  today I'll be as happy as a bird with a french fry.

As if me deciding were all it took, Adam got home and said scouts was cancelled so he'd be home after all.

Then the UPS man delivered a box.  It was a little bear, sent from Stella.  When I posted about our other Skipper Bear, she emailed me and told me we were thinking along the same lines because she had already sent us a little black bear.  She suggested we look at the Appalachian Bear Rescue site for a name.

We haven't figured out a name for the new little one yet, but I am leaning toward Finnegan.  He is pictured here with big brother Skipper Bear.

It's just the kind of cuteness overload that can turn any sort of day around.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I'm glad those two bears have each other!


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