Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Unrelated Thursday Things

Alternative Title:  Fun With Alliteration

1) Have you seen our TV remote?

It is completely missing.  I never watch TV (I do my TV watching on the computer, on Hulu) so I don't even know the last time it was used.  Adam decreed no TV until it's found.  The kids have looked and looked and looked.  Mark said, "We need to look in the most remote place."

And that pun delighted Emma.  (It's not every day that the things Mark say delight Emma.)

I'll tell you where the remote is not:

in the fridge
in the freezer
under any furniture
in any of the kitchen cabinets
the coat closet
any bedroom
any bathroom
the laundry room

They are running out of places to look.

2) Here was the conversation on the way to piano lessons the other day:

Mark: What would you think about serving a mission? I think you should go. As much as I would miss you, wouldn’t you like to teach people about Jesus?

Me: Now's not a good time for me to serve a mission. I need to take care of my kids. Maybe when I'm the age of Grandma and Grandpa Dahl, I'll serve a mission like them.

Mark: (changing tactics) You know how a lot of the Dahl family live by each other? That’s what I want. I want to live by you when I grow up.

Me: (Thinking that's very sweet.) I'd love that Mark.

Mark: Do you think you’ll live in our house forever?

Me: Maybe. I don't know. (And then he stopped hinting around and got right to what he really wanted from me.) 

Mark: What if I give you a little bit of my money and you give me our house and you can find another one?

Don't sugarcoat is Mark. Tell me how you really feel.

3) And finally, what's more embarrassing than being at the YMCA and accidentally blaring your music throughout the gym instead of through your headphones like a normal person?

Not being capable of turning the iphone off.

I hate it when technology is smarter than I am.  (And that's mostly always.)


Olivia Cobian said...

I have had a devilish time trying to leave you comments (valuable, thought-provoking comments) on various posts. I couldn't figure out why I kept being redirected to make my own blog--really I just needed to sign in. I think I win hands-down when it comes to not being good at technology. We'll see if this comment works.

Megan said...

I can feel you on the music thing. I had the iPod on the other day on the bus, playing Freecell on my phone, when I realized there was this slight screaming sound. Turns out mom had called and she was on speaker phone yelling my name! I was on a very crowded bus, a very quiet crowded bus at that. Can't believe the guy sitting next to me didn't elbow me.


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