Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Under Construction

It's a well known fact that I love to change things...small things.  And my blog is one of them.  I was ready for a change and lucky for me, my wonderful husband is always willing to help me.  The dust hasn't quite settled around here...I still want to make a few changes.  But I'm happy with what we (and by we I mean Adam) have done so far.  I loved the old pictures across the top but went for a less narcissistic title rather than just my name.  And really, I do write about nothing in particular.  It is neither a recipe blog nor a decorating blog nor a craft blog...just a blog.

While I'm in a new mood, I want to let you know I'm trying something new in October.  I will be joining other bloggers and writing 31 each day...about a particular topic.  Time will tell if I can keep it up but I welcome the writing exercise.  A new challenge always helps you know you're alive! 

Thanks for reading.  It makes me happy.

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