Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's a wrap

On Christmas Eve, Adam and Braeden were wrapping gifts (for me) in plain sight on the kitchen table while I was baking cinnamon rolls.  The gifts were (of course) in Amazon boxes so I couldn't peek inside.

(Need any Amazon boxes?  We have ten thousand.  More or less.)

They decided to use up scraps of previous wrapping endeavors.

There should be a joke here about how many men does it take to wrap a Christmas present but I don't know.  It apparently takes a rather big piece of tape.

They probably don't have a future in gift wrap.

And then there's Emma.

Someday she'll be a mother so she DOES have a future in gift wrap (like it or not).  She'll be good at it.

Adam does excel at gift tags.  They make me laugh every year.

Braeden gets the prize for brevity though:

To: M
F: B

Or in other words To:  Mark  From: Braeden.

Who has that kind of time?

More on Christmas later.  If you could see the state of things at our house you would know that I have no time to blog.  Time to start digging us out from our celebratory cyclone.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Pretty wrapping paper. I notice it all coordinates. :)


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