Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snowflake Lane

Braeden's friend Dana is a dancer at Snowflake Lane in Bellevue this year.  It was a good excuse to go and see the spectacle.  We took Grandma Geri with us and headed out for an evening of festivities.

Dana's mom, my friend Lisa, gave us detailed insider information about where to see Dana so we staked out our area in enough time to take pictures.

Then some of the characters came along and it felt a little like a parade at Disneyland except no Pirates of the Caribbean or Small World...and it was free.

Mark was hesitant to approach the characters until he learned they had candy.

Braeden has never been hesitant about anything in life.  Ever.

It started "snowing."

And the dancers came out.  Dana was adorable and we loved watching her.

Adam took some pictures from a different vantage point.

(Speaking of Adam, he said that a few people in the crowd tried to shove their way past him and he just stood his ground...he's an immovable object.  Braeden on the other hand, was right next to me for awhile.  Every time someone shorter than him came along, he let them in front of him.  I could understand little children but he let full grown men and women in front of him too.  This is just to say, usually our kids are nicer than we are and I don't know how that happened--because they didn't get it from us obviously.)

After the show, we met up with Dana in the spot where Lisa had instructed us to go.  She was still adorable and gracious.  Unfortunately I only snapped one photo and Dana's eyes are closed. 

After leaving Bellevue we went back to IKEA because when we were there a few weeks ago, we forgot one of the shelves we needed for our new configuration.  We seized the opportunity for some more meatballs and lignonberry sauce...

Not a bad way to spend an evening.


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