Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back together

Jackson, Mark, Braeden, Talia and Raelyn...missing Emma and Kain
The Davis cousins are a diverse group.  They have varying interests and personalities but they grew up together and there are only seven of them so they are pretty tightly knit together too.

We went to Seattle on Friday: these kids, Adam, Geri and me.  Geri paid for the kids to ride the Great Wheel which is the huge ferris wheel on the water front.

They loved it.  Here's Mark on top of the world.

Next we went to Pike Place Market for all the local flavor and then you feel like you need to take a shower afterward because it's kind of icky too.

Mark is standing on the curb.  I promise he is not taller than I am...for now.

Our next stop was the Ballard Locks.  I've seen salmon in the fish ladders there on multiple occasions.  This is the first time there were so many fish that you could watch them leap out of the water.  I was completely enamored!  I'd never seen anything like it.  It was hard to take a picture because there's no way to predict when they'll jump but Adam did manage this shot:

The next chapter in the adventure was called Trying to Get to the Freeway.  Oh yeeeaaaaahhh, Seattle traffic.  What a delight.

It took us two hours to go a little over 20 miles.

That night Adam and I went to dinner with Janet and Eric.  We chatted all through dinner.  Then we reconvened for frozen yogurt.  We talked and talked and talked.  The guy at the frozen yogurt place started to give us subtle cues that it was nearing closing time.  We walked outside and talked some more.  Janet and I sat on a bench and chatted.  Eventually the guy came out to retrieve the cushions we were sitting on.  We sat back down.  He turned off all the lights, locked the doors, drove away.

We stayed and talked.

We thought maybe it was time to go.  We said our good-byes and hugged.

And talked some more.

Reluctantly we finally parted.  It's bittersweet to leave such friends.  We miss them but it is wonderful to know they're in the world and we are connected, now and always.

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Olivia Cobian said...

It's wonderful to have friends and family like that!


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