Friday, July 3, 2015

Get that man a fan

We have been in a battle of wits with our house over energy efficiency.

The first place I started with was Rocky Mountain Power.  They're our electric company and they obviously take themselves very seriously because I had to give a character reference when I signed up for service.  (Really.  I gave them Ammon's name and texted him that if he had any deep seated grudge against me, keep it buried.)

I called the power company with the intention of seeing if they could point me in the direction of a way to obtain an energy audit on our house.

The kind and not entirely helpful woman outlined different strategies I could employ.  Including but not limited to opening windows and using a fan.

I told her those were all helpful tips but I reiterated that we were looking to make an investment in our house to make it more energy efficient.  I wondered if she could help.

She kept talking but it wasn't helping so I moved on.

My next efforts were spent in having a man come and give me a bid on a sunshade for outside our big west facing windows.  He was also full of useful advice.  He pointed out to me that when the sun shines on our big west facing windows, it is going to get hot inside our house.

Wait, what?

He went on to describe the myriad ways he's come by this knowledge.  He's seen it before. He's been in houses up and down the Wasatch Front.    He's even been south of Provo.

I appreciated his expertise but in the end went with a different contractor whose sunshade was less than half the price.  It will be several weeks before it arrives but we are looking forward to some shade.

Our next strategy?  A ceiling fan. 

After nearly 20 years of marriage it's refreshing that there are still things to learn about your spouse.

For example, Adam, who in every other aspect of his life besides Apple Computers is...shall we say...frugal, has another place where he doesn't mind dropping some money.


Who knew?

I had called an electrician to make our fan dreams come true and they told me to purchase a fan ahead of time.  Adam and I perused the fans at Home Depot and came up with what we thought was a good one.

Then I went to bed and Adam started scheming.

He remembered the fans that had been in Amazon fulfillment centers and he decided that was the kind of fan we needed.

The next morning while I was still in my groggy, half awake state, he showed me the website.  They were expensive and seemed ugly.  I wasn't very enthusiastic and then I noticed the crestfallen look on my beloved's face.

He asks for very little in life.

I gave the website another look and found a fan that wasn't ugly and in fact matched our house pretty well.

The electricians came to do some other work and even though Adam thought he could install the fan himself it is up really high and I had a proxy fear of heights so I told the electricians I would be calling them again after the new fan was delivered.

The fan arrived in the mail.  Adam and Mark assembled it.  It seemed fan-tastic.

Yesterday the electricians came.  They loved the fan.  They remarked on how powerful and efficient and handsome it was.  I was only wishing Adam were home to hear their praise.

I am glad Adam got the fan he wanted.

Particularly since I'm currently sitting underneath it and it works really well.

I am a fan of the man who is a fan of that fan.


Olivia Cobian said...

Congratulations on the nice fan!

Geri Davis said...

I am a fan of your fan. Makes you wonder how the previous owners lived in your house, they must have been very uncomfortable or didn't come out of the basement. Wish we had basements in the NW, another 90 degree day.


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