Thursday, July 23, 2015

I don't know what to title this post, but the point is that I miss Mark

I haven't made dinner since Mark's been at scout camp and looking at the rest of the week, I realize I won't be making dinner once while Mark is at scout camp.

Braeden asked, "Is that Ginger the only thing holding this family together?  Good thing he's not going on a mission."

"Yeah," I said, "We won't even notice you're gone.  Braeden?  Braeden who?"

Except I will.  Because my boys are alike in many ways and one of them is their talking.  They talk.  And talk.  They remind and harass and talk.  And talk.

The crazy thing is that as much as they talk, Emma doesn't.

Emma had some friends over on Tuesday night.  She'd asked me over a month ago if that would work and I told her yes and then she didn't bring it up again until I wondered about our Tuesday night plans.

"I'm having friends over," she said.

"Wait, what?"

So she reminded me and I had a shaky recollection and if it had been the boys, we'd have talked about it at great length every day.

I asked Emma about food for dinner and snacks and we bought some provisions.  Then she told me something she had to do Wednesday morning (a neighborhood plant watering and chicken taking care of gig).  She said, "I'll have to let my friends know."

Wait, what?

"You are going over to water/take care of chickens Tuesday night?"

"No, my friends and I are sleeping in the backyard so they'll be here Wednesday morning."

Wait, what?

"We talked about this."

Yeah, a month ago.  Vaguely.  I think I need the daily hashing things out that my boys provide.

So Emma doesn't communicate much but she got up early and made pancakes and eggs for her friends and then she cleaned the kitchen.  I think I'll keep her.

Maybe I'll talk her into making dinner.

Since I can't seem to without Mark around.


Geri Davis said...

This post makes me laugh. Emma is such her own person, a one of a kind wonderful girl. You might have to remind her to use her words just like you did when she was two.

Olivia Cobian said...

Did Emma use fresh eggs from those chickens when she made breakfast?


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