Thursday, July 9, 2015

Just another night in paradise

We went to Safeco Field to watch a Mariners game.  Throughout the game, they showed Twitter posts on the big screen.  One of them had a picture from the game and the caption, "Just another night in paradise."

Just about sums it up.

Seattle knows how to do summer.

We were at the game with Geri and Megan and Scott and Raelyn.  Baseball affords time for selfies.

sometimes quite blurry selfies...

And time for a few posed shots as well:

Braeden, Scott and Mark climbed to the far top corner of the stadium just because:

Do you see them?

Here's a closeup: (quite a zoom on my iphone) (not really)

They were on the top of the world:

The best part was either:

1) the Mariners won (and in eleven innings!  We got our money's worth!)

2) Adam with his app to check the strike zone.  Sometimes my husband is so nerdy/adorable.

or, 3)

1 comment:

Olivia Cobian said...

You and Braeden are so cute in that picture of just you two! You also both look very youthful!


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