Friday, July 17, 2015


This was the view out my kitchen window this morning:

They are welcome to visit.  I saw the small antlers on one of them and wondered if they were a young couple just starting out.  Is this their honeymoon?

Or maybe that's the mama deer with her teenage son?  She's keeping him close by before she sends him off into the world because she wants to remember every inch of his face? (Like she could forget.)

Maybe I'm just projecting here.

Then they got a little closer:

I felt a little less welcoming because don't eat my flowers.

We are having actual guests tonight that we are happy about.  Enoch and family.  They have things to do in the area, one of them being buy a milk cow.  Enoch had milk cows while we were growing up and I guess he hasn't gotten it out of his system.  I'm pretty happy with my Costco milk arrangement. 

I asked him if he was bringing his kids. (I love those kids!)  He said, "Yes, and they are excited to come.  They love your house."

Now, wait a minute.

I am not afraid to lecture my brothers when needed.  I was born to do it.  It's my duty as their older sister.

I said, "Don't you mean to say they love me?"

He quickly back peddled (as he's learned to do with a life time of nagging older sisters).  "Of course," he said, "They love YOU.  And also where you've chosen to live."

I'll take it.

I'm excited to see them.

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