Friday, July 10, 2015

Lake time

The boys and I spent some time at Janet's.  She fed us an amazing lunch and we sat around the kitchen table and visited and Mark played with the little girls (who aren't as little as they used to be!).

It was lovely and restorative. Adam asked what we had talked about.  I couldn't remember.  Everything?

After, we went to Lake Goodwin.  I sat in a chair on the beach and read my book.  My favorite.  They rode Geri's waverunner and swam which is their favorite.

Everyone was happy.

In case you're wondering if Adam can still hold Mark on his shoulders, yes he can:

In case you're wondering if Adam can still hold both boys on his shoulders, he kind of can:

Those are some big boys.

We miss Emma.  Hopefully she is having fun at Girls' Camp but we keep looking around for her because we wish she were here too.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Braeden looks like he could be in that sitcom about good-looking lifeguards on a California beach. What was that called? I want to say Hawaii 5-O, but it was California, not Hawaii and maybe Hawaii 5-O is a sugary drink? Or is that Capri-Sun? I'll quit while I can!


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