Thursday, July 16, 2015


I have started a big project.  I have decided to paint our basement.  It's an ugly place.  In addition to the barbecue sauce hue that was in the laundry room and graces a few other walls, there is another color that I have come to name maple bar.  You know the color of the frosting on maple bars?  That's the color.  I love maple bars.  But not on my walls.

Usually when I paint, I just dive in.  Often I run out of tape partway through because of my dive in nature, I didn't think to check.  I immerse myself in the project and let the rest of the world crumble around me until I'm done.

Painting an entire basement can't be like that.  I have to do it slowly and deliberately and I don't really know how to do that.  Yesterday I enlisted Emma and Mark and we painted two walls.  It was hard to stop but I had all the Young Women coming over last night for an activity so I sort of had to.  I'm just going to have to squeeze in painting time here and there and my basement is going to be in disarray for the foreseeable future.  I. Might. Just. Go. Crazy.

But, no more ugly paint.

So there's that.

Here's a finished wall. 

It doesn't look like much of anything in this picture but the new color is Silver Woodlawn Brook which is the same color I painted our living room--both in our last house and our current one.  It suits me.


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