Monday, July 13, 2015

Stored up

You know how spaceships glow on reentry to the atmosphere because there is so much friction?  I feel a little like that.  Out of the frying pan, into the fire.  We're home and my to do list runneth over.  There's all the typical reentry type stuff--unpack, put stuff away, laundry, grocery shopping, go through the mail.  Then there are the Young Women responsibilities that are lined up and waiting for me (a meeting here today and an activity here Wednesday to name a few).  Last night, we were barely home (seriously, not even five minutes) when Braeden's friend Brian called.  He asked for me.  He is filming a movie and wanted to shoot some scenes in our house.  Today.

I can't resist that kid and I think he knows it.

So on top of all the other stuff, our house has to be movie ready.

I still have pictures from our trip.  I'll post those instead of thinking about today.

We had such a great time gathering little gems of things we love and seeing people we love.

It was all very self indulgent.

Thursday we went to Mukilteo beach to soak up the sights.

Adam took me to Mukilteo the very first time I visited Washington when we were in college.  I have loved it ever since.

Mark convinced Adam and Geri and Braeden to spin around on a contraption on the playground I can't even watch without getting dizzy.

I gathered little pieces of driftwood for an unspecified art project.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

I dropped Braeden off to meet his friends because they were going on a hike. The rest of us hit Blazing Onion for burgers because that was high on Mark's list.  Next we went to my favorite stores in Snohomish so I could get my fill of the eye candy that is in those stores.

I squeezed in a quick frozen yogurt stop with Lisa (where we got all caught up on our children's comings and goings and our next chapters in life) and then we joined up with Geri who had taken Mark, Talia and Jackson bowling.  It was fun to see them.

Jackson didn't fall over after this picture was taken:

And I didn't fall over after this picture was taken. 

So we're both, you know, athletes.

Later Kain came over to Geri's and we visited and watched the Mariners game.  Kain had been working out with some teammates and Braeden got home from hiking Mt. Pilchuck.

Here's a picture he texted me from the top:

They were two hungry boys.  Geri fixed them each a big plate.  She asked them if they wanted more.  They both said, "Um...yeah." So she loaded them up again.  Then Mark came in from riding his scooter with some boys that live across the street.  Even though he had had a substantial dinner, he said, "Hey, can I have more?"

Of course!  Geri sprung into action getting him more.

I think the moral to the story is, get a grandma that already raised three sons and knows how to feed teenage boys.  It's not her first rodeo and her grandsons love her for it.

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