Wednesday, January 13, 2016

For Mark

I was just telling my mom when we were there that Braeden is my only child that really likes to read my blog.  My other two aren't that interested.

Then yesterday, Mark said, "I haven't read your blog for a long time.  When's the last time you wrote something about me?  And only me?"

"Your birthday?" I guessed.

"You should write about me."

So don't worry about that narcissism.  It's healthy and strong.

Here are some things about Mark:

1-He lovingly greets me every time he sees me.  His future wife is one lucky lady.

2-He confided in Adam that he wants to play football but he knows I don't want him to play.  (When you confide in one of us, you confide in both of us.)

3-I won't stop him from playing football (although I want to).

4-He likes P.E., which is the weirdest thing ever.  I hated every minute of P.E.  Since he has 90 minute classes they spend a lot of time in class doing push ups and sit ups.  And he likes it?

5-He can do push ups while clapping his hands in between.  I told him I wanted to see him clap behind his back.

6-He tried it.

7-That's what he gets for wanting to play football.  (Don't cross your mother is the take away lesson.)

8-We borrowed the series Larkrise to Candleford from my parents.  Mark doesn't really like watching it with us but he's the only one who knows which disc and episode we're on so he has to set it up each time we watch.

9-He likes Journey and found an Oldies station on the radio and set the preset button.

10-He is always, always hungry.

Hyrum told me he hates it when my blog has, "just a few paragraphs and no pictures."  Sorry about this post Hyrum.  You and I both know a first born son deserves more.

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Megan said...

Well now Mark knows that Adam will tell on him, lol. He might not want to read this blog. If Mark plays football I will come watch him :)


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