Friday, January 15, 2016

Physical therapy

I am new to this.  I have purposefully lived my life in such a way that I wouldn't need physical therapy.  I'm not what you would call a risk taker.  I even order the same thing on the menu.

But here I am.

Physical therapy.  It is a land of contrasts.  The receptionist reminds me of a nervous elf who has had a lot of caffeine.  She is petite with a pointy face and makes lots of agitated movements.

The physical therapist is a huge man.  He could only be described as plodding.  His every movement is slow and he talks in a measured way.

Did some employment agency match them so they would balance each other out?

I didn't take a book the first time which is such a rookie mistake.  I know better than to go somewhere without a book!  SportsCenter was being shown on an enormous screen.  I texted Adam that I could tell him anything he wanted to know about the Alabama football coach.

He texted me back with a question I didn't know the answer to.

So I made sure I took a book next time.  If you can't show off after watching SportsCenter, what's the point?

Apparently physical therapy can turn into show and tell.  A woman brought in a mold of her pelvis.  Just to show around.  They put it in the office to show Kyle tomorrow because he will want to see it.  I'm not sure who Kyle is but it was nice of them to think of him.

Speaking of surreal (because that pelvis thing was), there was one of those Utah County moments that still surprise me.  The woman working on her ankle stretching exercises was talking to a therapist about her son's mission to Argentina and he was talking about his mission to Cape Verde in Africa.  The woman sitting with the main therapist was telling him about her mission she was leaving on soon with her husband so she needed her foot in top shape.  The guy doing an ultrasound treatment on my knee was chatting with me about his mission and I was telling him about Braeden.

People in Utah County bond over missions like young mothers at playgroups talk about labor and delivery stories or farmers talk about the weather.  It's something we can all relate to.

Missions are one thing, but me bringing a book to physical therapy was apparently an anomaly.  Everyone wanted to know what I was reading.

The therapist looked at it curiously.  "It's just a novel," I said.

"So it's not a self help book?" he asked.

I guess I look like a person who could use a self help book.

If I find a self help book entitled How Not to Slip on Ice, I am snatching it up.


Melanee said...

Hahahahahaha!! This cracks me up. Not only have I been in physical therapy many times, I have worked in several offices. At least they weren't playing Elf over and over and over and over...

Mika Clary said...

I'm pretty sure physical therapy is the last thing any of us think we'll end up trying (yet almost all of us somehow do at one point or another). It's nice though that you could all bond over missions, it's something I think most people in Utah have experienced in one way or another.

Mika Clary @ U.S. HealthWorks Sunnyvale


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