Monday, January 11, 2016

He's nineteen

He's the one who has always had a flair for fashion.

He's the one who taught me more about teaching than I learned in four years of getting a degree.

there never was a cuter home school guinea pig

He's the one who loves his sister.

And his brother.

He's the one who enjoys cereal almost as much as milk.

this was on the occasion of his 15th birthday

He's the one who jumps in...

...and rolls down the hill...

...and is the first to go in the ocean.

 He's the big brother who makes the birthday party more fun.

He's the cousin who will push you on the swings.

And he's the son who wants you to go camping with him.

He's this guy.

He's the one who loves Seattle (and his uncles).

He's the one who poses with statues in London...


 ...Kansas City...

...and Provo.

(I'm pretty sure every single one of those pictures were his idea.)

He's the one who poses when there is no statue around.

He's the one who first buys unusual things (mostly at thrift stores), and then wants his picture taken.

He's the one who has good friends.  Lots of them.

He's the one who has always had a piece of my heart.

And he's the one now carrying a piece of my heart around in Virginia.

Happy Birthday Braeden!


Jennifer said...

This one should have come with a tissue warning. What a great kid.

Olivia Cobian said...

Oh, I love Braeden!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that made me cry! I just read it. (I was a little busy yesterday!) I don't know who is signed in but this is Marianne.


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