Thursday, January 21, 2016

Unrelated things about people I'm related to


I was slicing cucumbers on my mandolin slicer.  There's a nice guard you attach to whatever you're slicing so that you don't slice your finger.  I didn't use the nice guard.

So I sliced off the tip of my thumb.

I called my dad, who is not a medical professional, for medical advice.  Namely, should I glue my thumb back together?  He said no.  And I believed him because he's authoritative.

I had lunch the next day with Marianne and family.  When I showed them my sad bandaged thumb, Carolina thought I looked like Gretl in The Sound of Music.

I guess I could do worse.

Emma's also ailing.  And I'm worried about her.  If for no other reason, she misspelled a word.  Emma does not misspell words.  Ever.

Here's the text she sent me:

She is very miserably sick and has a classic case of burning the candle at both ends.  She also has refused to take a break although I did convince her to stay home today until math.  She absolutely will not miss rehearsal.  She said Mr. Shelley wouldn't understand (although I think he probably would).  I volunteered to be the mother bear and talk to him but she said no.

If she misspells another word, I may have to take some drastic action though.


In my Nevada family's stake, they are doing a family history project where they are recreating pictures of ancestors.

I love them.

Alexander is our great great grandfather and Jennifer is good with photoshop.

The Johnsons recreated a picture too.  This is my maternal grandfather, Homer Jaynes's family.  (He's the one in the military uniform.)


He got transferred and I am very curious to find out about it!  He is now in Barco, North Carolina living in a trailer park by a swamp.  Adam said he thinks that has to be on Braeden's bucket list and I think he's right.  No more living in the 'hood and now he'll have a car.

Also, it finally got cold in that part of the country.

That picture is still in Newport News but it is in the 30s in Barco this morning so I'm sure he's glad for the car!

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Janet said...

Living in a trailer park by a swamp is better than living in a van down by the river. ;)


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