Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Slip sliding away

Sunday night I was delivering invitations to New Beginnings for the Young Women at church.  I slipped on some icy steps.  It was quite a spectacular fall and I'm sure would have looked funny if it hadn't hurt. So. MUCH!


I cried.

Adam is very good in a crisis and when I was back home Emma and Mark hovered around wondering what they could do to help. 

I had Mark dish me up some ice cream.

(Hey, he asked.)

I had landed with my knee twisted under me and my foot and knee are lovely and bruised and swollen.

Walking is pathetic.  I would lose in a footrace to anybody.

Adam found Braeden's walking stick (children with costumes stockpiled are handy) and he found some oxycodone (children with recent wisdom teeth extractions are handy).  I'm not afraid to medicate.  Never have been.

The morphine the better.

I spent Monday mostly sitting down but hobbling around some when I needed things.  I was texting Olivia and Ammon about getting tickets to the Provo Temple Open House.  I told them about my fall because I'm not afraid of soliciting sympathy.  Never have been.

Ammon asked if he could do anything for me.

I texted back, "Find my phone?"

I was texting on my computer and couldn't find my phone and after a few hobbling steps in every direction, gave up the search.

He called my number and my computer answered.  I turned the volume off and then asked him to try again.

Then my ipad answered.

It was getting ridiculous.  Talk about first world problems.  I have too many devices answering the phone and so I can't find my actual phone.  I turned off the ipad volume and Ammon tried once more.

My phone was in my coat pocket!  Hurray for small victories.

That was pretty much the peak of productivity for me.

Adam brought me lunch (leaving work on a very busy day).

Emma came home from school and cleaned the kitchen.

Mark carried laundry up and down the stairs.

Melanee dropped by with a chocolate treat to encourage healing.

My parents were in town and took Ammon's family and us to dinner.  (My dad tightened my glasses.) My mom didn't know when she left home that I'd fallen but she pulled a fresh loaf of homemade bread out of their car and handed it to me.  "Didn't you bring that for someone else?" I asked.

"No," she said.

I didn't 100% believe her but I'm glad my mom travels with fresh bread to give out to gimpy daughters.

It is terrible to have an accident that is painful and incapacitating.

It's very nice to realize how many people are there to help.  My safety nets have safety nets and I'm grateful.


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Anonymous said...

Marianne used that morphine joke on Christmas. Must be a family thing, lol!


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