Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I need extension cords

I am maybe (a teeny tiny bit) high maintenance when it comes to sleep.

It's like I'm the even harder to please, needy mother of the princess from The Princess and the Pea.

I have dry eyes so I've started sleeping with a humidifier.  It makes a nice difference for my eyes.

I have a small fan plugged in next to my bed because I like me some white noise.

Also, according to Adam, I'm a heat sink.  Now, in my defense, this is an inherited problem.  Show me a Dahl and I will show you a person with cold hands and feet.  My dad told me that my grandpa used to say that his feet would get warm on July 24 and be cold again by August 1.

My dad takes a hot bath every night before bed so he will have warm feet.

I take a hot bath every morning so I will have warm feet.  But then at night, they're cold.  Should I start taking a second bath?

I wear socks and my poor feet are still colder than Adam's.  He's very generous to let me put my cold feet next to his, but he also came up with a solution.

In the form of a heating pad.

It is a game changer.  It is sort of a miracle to be in bed and have warm feet in January.  (I had to unplug my lamp because I have so many things plugged in but this seems like a small price to pay.)

Here's the problem though.

Girls' camp.

Should I take a generator or how long do they make extension cords anyway?  We're going in early June.  I don't think my feet will be warm by then.

Maybe I'll heat rocks in the fire and put them in my sleeping bag?

I love not camping.


Megan said...

May I suggest taking some foot warmers to Girls Camp? Put them in the bottom of your sleeping bag before bed to get it nice and toasty.

Anonymous said...

Maybe also just use a sound machine at home -- that would give you the white noise at night, but reduce air currents that could contribute to being cold and likely contribute to dry eyes. ;)

Olivia Cobian said...

I don't have suggestions, just empathy. My hands are cold right now and as soon as I take off my shoes and socks, they'll be cold too...I sometimes wear socks to bed in the summer.

Geri Davis said...

For Girls' Camp buy a hot water bottle and fill it before bed and put it in your sleeping bag. I also use my rice bag on cold nights.


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