Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sitting down

Adam and Mark have something in common.  They get mad at me if I do something they think I should have asked them to do with my compromised leg health.  So I've sort of given up on moving around too much.

And it's frustrating.

I have found plenty of things to keep myself busy while my knee is healing.  I've caught up on a bunch of Young Women stuff.  (There is always a lot to do.)  I've scheduled temple trips for our youth--both to do baptisms at the Mt. Timpanogos temple and to tour the new Provo temple.  These are intense and high pressure deals.  There's a lot of demand around here for things like that.  You have to be persistent and on top of things.   It's an activity that lends itself to sitting down.

I also created a birthday box for the YW this year.  Last year for their birthdays we purchased and assembled bracelets that were cute but that we didn't see the girls wear one. Single. Time.  This year, I decided to go with something everyone will like, chocolate.  I made a "birthday cake" and we'll give them a "candle" when it's their birthday.

It was a harder-than-normal project because I had what I wanted in mind but couldn't find it on Pinterest!  How could Pinterest do that to me?  It took me three tries to get it how I wanted. (The rick rack was Adam's idea.)

Another activity that was good for sitting.

Here's what I haven't done:  clean the kitchen.

It's rough.

Mark destroys the gingerbread houses a little more every time he walks by.  This is representative of the counter tops yesterday afternoon...

...complete with bits of icing and candy and gingerbread aaaaaall over the floor.

I instructed Mark to clean up.

When Adam got home and found me on the couch in the living room with my book and wood wick candle (I love that thing--it crackles while it burns), I asked him if Mark had cleaned the kitchen.

Sort of.

Adam directed more cleaning.  Then we had dinner Emma and Mark had made.  Then Adam and Mark delivered the rest of the invitations that I had abandoned the other night.

I'm grateful for them and all their help.

And I sort of hate this.

I want to bound up and down the stairs and be able to DO stuff.  I want to cook and clean and not rely on other people for everything.  I lack patience.

But I am improving.  Little by little. 

So here I sit.

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