Thursday, July 21, 2016

Called to serve

Janet and I talked for a few hours the other day.  About All the Things.  There was the usual laughing and crying and baring of souls.  There was the motherhood.  It must be discussed.  It is deliciously wonderful to feel so understood.  We talked about how hard being a mother of a missionary can be and how irrational it is when we would rather have them serve than do anything else.

Yesterday Leif embarked on his mission.  He left the Seattle airport early early and then we picked him up at the Salt Lake airport.  He looked sharp and handsome and eager to go.  In the car I gave Leif a letter Braeden had emailed me to give to him.  He had written a list of advice.  Two of my favorite nuggets of wisdom were:

Don't do dumb stuff.
It's stupid hot.  Just love being sweaty.  

(Here's hoping Braeden will internalize his own advice about not doing dumb stuff.)

We met Leif's brother David at Cafe Rio for lunch.

A happy brother reunion ensued.

Leif tried to pay for his own lunch and we wouldn't let him.  He said, "My mom will be mad at me..."

I told him that by the time he sees his mom again, all will be forgiven.

Around the lunch table, Adam and David regaled Leif with MTC shenanigans they'd participated in.  I kept saying, "Leif, on behalf of your mother, I'm here to tell you not to listen to these two jokers."

We had a little time before the 1:00 drop off so we went to the Provo temple with all the other early arrivals.  Clumps of people milled around, rotating around their missionaries.  A lot of the missionaries had the shell shocked look that Braeden had when we dropped him off.  A lot of the other mothers were barely holding it together.  They were straightening their son's tie and just fussing over them for the last time.

We were a relaxed and jokey group.  Leif had already had his good-bye with his mama.

I made him pose for a few pictures.

He obliged because I'm bossy like that.  I told him that I was sorry he was sitting out there in the sun in his dark suit and he cheerfully said that it was going to get him acclimated to the heat.  He's going to be a great missionary.  I love that kid.

I love that Mark (and Braeden) have the Jorgensen boys in their lives as good examples.

It's possible I cried when I hugged Leif and told him he was going to be great and I loved him.

Me = a lot of excess water in my head.

We dropped him off at the curb and sent him on his way and he had a spring in his step and he was ready.

Lucky, lucky Tampa, Florida.  You're getting Leif!

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Olivia Cobian said...

Sweet post. I am sure he will be a superb missionary My boys still wear a shirt that says HANS--I feel we're connected to the Jorgensens even though we've only met a few times...


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