Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer on the East Coast

There were a lot of things to like about living on the East Coast.  The summer weather was not one of them.  It was sort of a shock for a girl who had grown up in the desert.

Water really did slide down the outside of cold drinks--that wasn't just an effect for Coke commercials!

Also, when we opened our refrigerator in our apartment that didn't have air conditioning, a cloud of condensation would billow out.  It was like we had liquid nitrogen in there or something.

We removed the light fixture from Braeden's room and installed a ceiling fan instead.  (Well, Adam did.  I probably contributed by keeping one-year-old Braeden out of the way.)  Still, it was hot.  Braeden would wake up from naps with wet hair, his curls soaked in sweat.  He was always completely amiable though.  He'd smile and beam his expressive personality all over that hot summer.

Maybe that prepared him for now.

Yesterday Rebecca (Rebecca who makes my day all the time) texted me this picture:

I asked her if that was sweat or rain.  She said sweat.  She said with the humidity it was 100 degrees.

I'm happy to see it doesn't curtail his smile, or his...accessorizing.

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