Thursday, July 14, 2016


We often play a rhyming game when we travel.  Ever since the episode when Braeden rhymed casino with cappuccino and it took us 30 days (give or take) to figure it out, we have a hard and fast rule that you have to pick words that have the same number of syllables.

It was Mark's turn and we had to pick a word that rhymed with liar.  Emma and Adam kept trying words like fire and mire.  "They don't have the same number of syllables!" I protested.

Everyone else argued that they do.  They sound completely different to my ears and no one agrees with me.


Adam told me he sees the Indian princess on Mt. Timpanogos facing one way and I told him I see it going the other way.  He googled it and told me his way was right.

I told him that was terrible and he had ruined Mt. Timpanogos for me (which is unfortunate because I see it every day).

When we got home, I googled it and found this:

I feel so much better (besides the use of quotation marks).  It was a dark and dismal world when Mt. Timpanogos was ruined.

And it turns out the 2002 Olympics backs me up:

On second thought, that backs Adam up.  Wasatch County is on the other side of Mt. Timpanogos....

Adam said I didn't need to worry about it; there isn't really a (gigantic) princess buried up there. 

Do we know that for sure?


We are painting Emma's room tomorrow.  She wanted to paint the trim and I said no.  Painting trim is a slippery slope and I didn't want to go down that path.

So, since Emma is painting her room, Mark wants to paint his.  He was with me at Home Depot and picked out colors.

When he showed me his selection, I had no words.  He told me the brown in the middle was for the trim.  I must have looked stricken.  He said, "Keep in mind, I'm color blind."

Oh my goodness.  He is exceedingly color blind.  I hugged him.  "I love you, Mark.  I will protect you from yourself."

Emma said, "Why does he get to paint his trim and I can't paint mine?"

"He doesn't," I said.  (He also doesn't get to use any of those colors he is holding in the above picture.  I think ever.) The best way to avoid an argument with Mark is to let him carry home really terrible paint chips from the store.  We never go to Home Depot without him picking up some paint chips and going to look at appliances to see what the latest offerings are.

When you're disagreeing about syllables and mountains, you don't have the energy to disagree with Mark about paint colors.

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