Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's hot

That's the consensus.   It's been around 100 degrees for the last several days and that will probably be the case for the foreseeable future.


Yesterday, looking for an air conditioned activity,  I took the kids to BYU to go bowling.  There are plenty of bowling alleys between here and there, but I like BYU.  It is one of my happy places.

Also, it turns out if you are an alumni, you get to bowl for a $.25 reduced rate.  That tuition is paying for itself!

It also turns out that these kids are not pro bowlers.  I won.  Not because I'm good.  They're just that bad. 

Our next stop was the art museum.  We walked around and looked at the National Parks paintings which I love then we went to The Way Things Go exhibit which was a 30 minute video that is like a Rube Goldberg machine times 1000.  It was pretty incredible.  It involved fire, water, wheels, pulleys, balloons, chemical reactions.  I was mesmerized.

I love art museums.

Later in the afternoon I got a text message from Virginia Beach.  (I love text messages from Virginia Beach even more than art museums.)  Rebecca Justesen for the win!

Elder Morris is a tall kid.

And I think they're having fun.

Even though it's hot there too.  Rebecca said it was 110 + with the heat index.  She said they weren't melting, which was reassuring.

Awhile ago, I emailed this meme to Braeden:

He wrote back:  amen.

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Olivia Cobian said...

That Elder Davis is so good-looking. I bet he's a great trainer!


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