Monday, July 11, 2016

Family vacation

Yesterday my dad said he thought we would all kill each other.

This morning at breakfast, Olivia said, "So I just need to eliminate Marianne."

I said, "Daddy was right!  It's happening."

Ammon offered to form an alliance with Olivia.

Really, though, Olivia was wondering if it was her bread sitting on the counter or if it belonged to someone else.  She was asking all of us, to eliminate contenders.

So we aren't ready to kill each other yet.

It has been a bit lively.

Yesterday I spoke in church at our ward.   Olivia and her family came to listen to me, which was kind of them.  Then, Olivia and I took our girls and headed to Sandy for church part II.  Clarissa's mission president and his wife, Annette, are home from their mission and were speaking in church.  Coincidentally, Annette is also my mom's cousin.  I enjoyed the meeting a lot and got to meet Annette and my mom's other cousin Nancy (who reads my blog...Hi Nancy!).  It was after that meeting that my dad predicted his children killing each other.

What can I say?  He's an upbeat guy.

From there we hurried hurried hurried and went back to my house to reunite with husbands and sons (they had finished out church at our building--Edgar was Adam's team teacher in primary).  We then drove to St. George.

We are all staying in a lovely house in the red desert.  Red deserts are my favorite.  I like being here with these people too.  Edgar made us an amazing dinner last night.  His love language is making amazing dinners and I am so OK with that.  Marianne took a picture and I said, "You'd better not put that on Facebook."  I hate it when someone puts an ugly picture of me on Facebook.  Then I went there this morning and stole the picture.  So good thing she put it on Facebook...

Last night was raucous.  It was a whole lot of shushing because some of the children were trying to sleep and a whole lot of getting mad at Mark because that kid riles up his younger cousins.  He could have a career in warming up crowds for entertainers and politicians. 

Adam and I spent a sleepless + miserable night.  (Turns out that was a common complaint around here.)  When you're a finicky sleeper, like me, there's no place like home.

This morning everyone bustled off to hike in Zion National Park and I decided to stay home because of my ring ding knee.  I'm tired of that thing.  I know I should go to a doctor/physical therapy but I don't want to.

It is nice to be here alone in the silence though.  Silence can be beautiful.  Also, my missionary will be emailing at some point and I will be here front and center, to receive the email.

I may even take a nap....

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