Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New and improved

Here are some pictures of Emma's room, before:


It was not a good shade of blue.  These pictures don't even show how really bright it was.  It didn't look good with the trim.

The blue also didn't match the (equally) unlovely ceiling fan.  We debated about taking the fan down and painting it white but ultimately we don't really like it so we'll just replace it eventually.

To show that it could have been worse, we uncovered this awful color when we removed the blinds.  Before the garish blue, the walls were a sort of dusty lavender.  Blek!

Here is after:

Grandma Geri sent Emma some new bedding (above).  I think she'll alternate with it and her old bedding (below).

I should have turned on the lights/opened the blinds for this picture...I didn't.

It's nice to have options.  We painted a bench for Emma and you can see it below.  It seems like all the furniture is maybe jammed together but she wanted it that way so she can sit on the bench and lean against her dresser.

Like this...

 Her room is an eclectic mixture of everything she loves.  It's a good little room.  It's even clean right now!


Megan said...

The bedding turned out so cute! I'm so glad it could be put to good use! The room turned out great!

Olivia Cobian said...

Good work, Davis women!


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