Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alphabetically Speaking

raking leaves at Grandma Geri's house--lovely autumn!

I am grateful for:

Adam and Ammon (my baby brother)
Braeden and Bread
Coralee (my mom) and Cousins
Diet Coke and Daydreams
Emma and Enoch (my biggest little brother)
Fall and Forgiveness
Grandparents and Geri (Adam's mom)
Holidays and Home
Ice Cream and IKEA
Janet and Jill
Kitchens and kites
Limes and Linn (Adam's dad who we miss)
Mark, Mark (my dad) and Marianne (my favorite sister)
Nieces and Nephews
Olivia (my favorite sister) and Oranges
Peanut butter and Plays
Quilts and Quirks
Remembering and Road trips
Stephanie and Sisters-in-law
Tabor (my middlest little brother) and Texting
Umbrellas and Uncles (my kids often tell me they have the funniest uncles in the world)
Vans and Vacations
Washington and Washing machines (clothes and dishes!)
X-rays and Xylophones (because what other words start with X?)
Yoga and Yogurt (frozen)
Zippers and Zzzzzzzzzz (especially)

Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Olivia Cobian said...

I'm grateful that in the end, you admitted who your favorite sister actually is.


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