Friday, November 11, 2011

Dreams Really Do Come True

Wednesday I posted "Ten Things I Want".

Number one on the list was that I wanted my neighbors to paint all of their trim--as opposed to just some of it.  It may not matter so much but the new trim is bright red.  And the house looked odd with partially bright red trim and partially white trim.

Thursday, after months of leaving it partway done, they finished painting their trim.  (Do you think they read my blog?)

Number two on the list was to sleep until it was light outside.

Friday, since there was no school, I slept until it was light outside.

I am thinking I should have been more ambitious with my wishlist.  I didn't realize the wishes were going to be systematically granted.

Friday was a nice day altogether.  (And I needed such a nice day because it was at the tail end of the busiest week I've had in recent memory.)  I sat next to Braeden on the couch and caught up on Everything.  I talked on the phone with my parents and both sisters.  I watched the wind blow autumn leaves around and then watched the rain come down.  I needed to do errands and invited Braeden to join me.  He agreed, then Mark reminded him that Braeden had promised to play on the computer with him.  We haven't seen nearly enough of Braeden lately and everyone is clamoring for time with him.  (When I am gone they just throw a party and eat a lot of Chinese food.)

Braeden felt torn and I told him it was OK if he stayed home with Mark, but I felt a little lonely.  There was a time, not so long ago that doing errands without kids would have been another dream come true but now I really wanted Braeden's company.  I thought, "I should have enjoyed it while I had the chance."

I remembered I needed to get dinner in the crockpot so the boys played and Braeden came with me after all.  It made me so happy I bought him lunch.

At the grocery store, Braeden and I chatted and then he'd wander off to go check something out and then he'd find me again. I saw a harried man try to keep his toddlers close by while he was shopping and I remembered those days and realized that the reason I didn't enjoy it when I had the chance is because taking small children to the store isn't all that enjoyable.  I'll just enjoy it now, instead of wishing I'd enjoyed it then.

At Costco, Braeden started gasping for air when he saw the pile of new Inheritance books.  He's loved the series by Christopher Paolini.   I bought it for him.  (In hindsight, considering the lunch, Harry Potter DVDs and book, it would have been more cost effective to let Braeden stay home and play with Mark...)  Braeden was thrilled with the book and couldn't wait to start reading it.  When we left Costco, he was pushing the cart that weighed approximately 1000 pounds and asked me to carry the book under my coat so it wouldn't get rained on.  As we were crossing the parking lot, he cautioned, "Don't drop it OK, Mom?"

Does he realize that I used to carry him around and never once dropped him?

I cleaned my kitchen when we got home because unfortunately even though I put a self cleaning kitchen on my list of wants, that hasn't happened.


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Julianna said...

I'm wishing that I had a voice that could summon small furry woodland creatures to clean the house for me.

Still singing.... still nothing.


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