Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ten Things I Want

A Sunday on La Grande Jat (from Wikipedia)

 1. I want to tell people that if they're going to paint some of the trim on their house, they need to paint all of the trim on their house.  (And by people I mean my across the street neighbor.  No, not Jill.)

2. I want to sleep until it's not dark anymore in the morning.

3. I want to tell someone at the high school that there are two misspelled words in the fight song that is posted larger than life in the gym.

4. I want to shrink wrap my children so they'll stop growing.  Especially Mark.  His feet are almost as big as mine and that's ridiculous.

5. I want a self cleaning kitchen.

6. I want my sisters and brothers to be my neighbors...and my parents.  (Oh, and if you become my neighbors, will you paint all the trim on your house?)

7. I want a do over on homeschooling Emma.  She's as sharp as a little tack but the other day she didn't remember who Seurat was.  Who cares if the girl can spell and do algebra?  She ought to remember who Seurat is.

8. I want to clone myself so my cloned self can go to boring meetings and my real self can stay home and be with Adam.

9. I want to sign my rhododendron up for some sort of remedial class so it can figure out the seasons.  It's blooming.

10. I want courage to pursue my dreams and perspective to know what dreams are worth pursuing.

1 comment:

Olivia Cobian said...

If I were your neighbor YOU would paint my trim--all of it--right?


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