Monday, November 7, 2011

Meeting Ally Condie

Hannah, Ally Condie, Emma and Freja

Last Friday Jill and I took our girls and Freja to Seattle to meet Ally Condie, the author of Matched and the latest book in the series, Crossed.

First, if you're going to go to Seattle with three giggly and excited girls, I recommend Jill as a traveling companion.  Maybe everything's better with Jill.

We navigated Friday evening traffic and found our way to the University Book Store in the U District.  We found our seats and the girls were ready to go, alternately bouncing in their seats and saying, "I'm SO excited" to each other.

(Emma and I are both extremely lucky in our friends.)

Ally Condie was well spoken and kind and interesting.  I want to be her when I grow up (although I think I'm already older than she is).  Jill promised me that she'd be my agent and come to my book signing (assuming I, you know, ever have one).

Ally Condie took time to chat with each person in the line.  She agreed to pose for multiple pictures with our group.  She was gracious and sweet.  Emma, who is often too shy to order food in a restaurant, was a chatterbox.  She went on and on about how she herself is writing a story and how she usually doesn't like science fiction but loved Matched.

I think it made Emma's day.

And when I see that smile on my girl's face...

it makes my day.

In case you were wondering what my boys were doing while we were away, you are in luck!  Adam posted on his blog.  (I love it when he does that.  I love his writing.  And him.  I don't love all his pizza ideas.)

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Marianne said...

What darling girls!


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