Friday, November 18, 2011

Errand Day

Dear cranky lady in the Costco line behind me,

Stop being so cranky.  The woman up there ahead of us was writing a check.  Remember checks?  You looked like you are old enough to remember crooning along with Bing Crosby so I bet you remember checks.  She was not "writing a letter" like you queried in a snarky tone.  Be patient.

Dear check writer,

Really?  You were writing a check?

Dear grandma sitting at Costco waiting for your husband to buy a hot dog,

You're adorable.  I loved your amiable smile.  You reminded me of my Grandma Dahl.

Dear Costco guy that loaded my cart,

When you weren't putting my stuff in the bags I brought but stacking it in the cart, I was more harsh than I meant to be when I said, "If you won't put the stuff in the bags, will you hand it to me so I can?"  Sheesh.  I should take my own advice and be more patient.  I'm sorry. (And thanks for putting all my stuff in the bags.)

Dear library worker,

Thanks for pointing us to the Dinosaur books for Mark's school report.  He was two and a half seconds from losing patience and I appreciate your help.

Dear returns guy at Target,

Thanks for letting me return those shoes.  Mark wore them outside for about an hour then he told me his feet hurt.  I told you they had been worn outside, you carefully inspected them (I had worked hard to clean them!) and then gave me my money back. 

Dear woman at Safeway,

I noticed you because your oldest child, who kept lagging behind was named Braeden and you kept calling his name to keep him in tow.  Our paths criss-crossed a little through the store and you had your hands full with a toddler, newborn and Braeden who was a preschooler and wouldn't keep up.

We left the store about the same time too and by then your toddler daughter was screaming at the top of her lungs.  I wanted to tell you two things but I didn't think you would hear me over the racket she was making.  1) You're doing a great job as a mother and 2) It does get easier.  Grocery shopping, that is.

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