Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Mark is Getting For Christmas

The Cub Scouts took a field trip to The Northwest Animal Hospital.  (If I had pets--which I can't see happening any time soon--I would take them to The Northwest Animal Hospital.  After hosting us, Dr. Johnson is my favorite vet ever...plus he's my neighbor and Stephanie's husband.)

He let the boys try on the heavy, lead aprons and gloves they use when they do x-rays.

Look how sedate and calm Mark looks.  He is holding perfectly still.  (He doesn't have a choice...all his effort is being used to keep himself upright.)

The possibilities!  If Mark had an apron like that, we could use it at church, during school, at the grocery store.

No more "Hold still, Mark," no more, "Stop running around."

Mark's constantly trying to catch gravity unawares.

I'm all about giving gravity a little help.

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