Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Learning from the past part two

It's the not so distant past but when I look around me, it seems like a lifetime ago.

We had our home movies converted to DVD and so are revisiting the olden days.  I love watching videos of my children.  I see my babies on the screen and I want to pick them up.  It all comes back to me.  I completely understand their toddler babble because I used to speak that language.  I remember the sippy cups.  I remember the soft onesies.  I remember the bald fragrant heads and the tender toddler curls.

I remember being exhausted.  I remember being lonely.  I remember being poor.

But when I see video of our children rolling around the floor, wrestling with their dad in our sparsely furnished apartment, I see that you don't need plenty of sleep or nice furniture to be deliriously happy.

You just need love.

And love we had.  

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