Friday, April 27, 2012

May I suggest

Maybe I'm the last one to know, but recently I discovered Bar Keepers Friend cleanser.  I had heard about it and seen it recommended in magazines enough that I decided to give it a try.  I didn't think it would be much different than my old standby, Comet.

I love this stuff though!  I am not a bar keeper but I am a house keeper and my housekeeping can use all the friends it can get.  It made my kitchen sink SO clean.  (Sometimes it feels a little pathetic, the things that thrill me.  Other times, it seems quite reasonable.  A clean, really clean sink! Fabulous!)

I also love it for my glass cooktop on my stove.  It works better than the other cleaner I have for that, the one whose sole purpose in life is supposed to be to clean my cooktop.

Here's a caution:  if you have an enthusiastic nine-year old who is generous and liberal in his use of cleaning products, you may want to ban them from this product, as I have done.  Mark cleaned my tub with it and he used A LOT.  I don't think the Mississippi delta has that much silt.  After I finally got the tub all rinsed, I gave Mark some spray cleaner and told him to lay off the Bar Keepers Friend.

It is no friend of his.

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