Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Pinewood Derby

Mark explaining the finer features of his car...he was a little (or a lot) red faced from running around with his friends.
Here's what I appreciate about the Pinewood Derby:

1) Adam to help Mark with the car.

2) The Design Mom for a design idea.

Mark's car:  complete with headphones.

3) Mark didn't place in the top three so we are not moving on to the district championships.

4) The good good leaders that patiently organize and run the race.

5) Mark's car made it down the track. 

6) Adam sent me home afterward and he and Braeden stayed to help to clean up.

Cub scouts in general is loud and head-ache inducing.  It is always chaotic.  It's sort of great too though.  There are cute boys who are sweet and enthusiastic combined with diligent leaders that make it all happen with a smile on their faces.

What's not to love?  (Especially when Adam sends me home afterward and he and Braeden stay to help clean up.)

1 comment:

Marianne said...

That is the cutest pinewood derby car I've ever seen!


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