Monday, April 16, 2012

Things I know

1- When you come across a random t-shirt belonging to one of your sons, it is safer to just assume it's dirty and wash it than smell it to check.

(I think permanent damage could arise from such an olfactory assault.)

2- The machinations that occur amongst seventh grade girls when they are allowed to pick their own seats in science are astounding.  It was quite complicated and I received a play by play over the course of two days.

3- Sunshine has more of an impact on my mood than chocolate or enough sleep or anything else I can think of.

4- When a mother has five sons, she has "worked a day in her life."

5- There are restorative powers in Sundays.  Church was renewing. A long afternoon with my family and then taking a walk in an arboretum with Adam and Geri and Mark reminded me how happy and lovely my life is.   There are opportunities all around me to enjoy.  I just need to recognize them.


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