Monday, April 23, 2012

One weekend down, one to go

I don't have any pictures of Braeden's Seussical performance...maybe after next weekend.  Instead you can see the treats I made for the concession stands.

I took the idea directly from pinterest.  I'm really not that clever on my own.

Are you getting tired of me writing about Seussical?  It's hard not to write about something that's been filling me up so completely.

Opening night was spectacular.  I loved every minute of it.  Except maybe the part when I was sitting next to one of the vice principals at the school.  We were having a lovely chat.  I mentioned that I'd homeschooled--it made sense in the context of the conversation--and her face soured like I'd squirted her with lemon juice.

(A lot of times, after I talk to a stranger, I wish I hadn't.)

But there are also plenty of strangers that I am glad I now know.

I loved after opening night exchanging exclamations of joy with other parents whose acquaintances I have made.  We were all exultant.  It was a thrill to watch our children have so much fun.

Saturday afternoon the show wasn't full.  I wanted it full!  They've worked so hard and I wanted their efforts rewarded by a full audience.  (It didn't help that it was a rare gorgeous day...people probably wanted to be outside.)

So now I keep "casually" mentioning the show to people and then I feel really awkward.  I am not a fan of promoting myself.  Promoting my children isn't much easier.

(A lot of times when I talk, I wish I hadn't.)

Saturday night's show was well attended.  Also, it made me laugh and made me incredibly happy.  One of the other mothers told me she'll cry when it's over and I think I will too.

Afterward, Braeden was full of energy and adrenaline and pure joy.  We relented to him going off with some of his friends.  I am young enough to remember how fun that was. I am old enough to feel nervous about him being with a carload of exuberant teenagers.  I am young enough that this is a new experience for me.   I am old enough to believe Geri when she told me to relax.  We were sitting at Applebee's and I was anxiously scanning the parking lot, waiting to see where he was.  A riotous group of ecstatic teenagers congregated on one side of the restaurant (heaven help the waitresses) and we were on the other. 

After Braeden and his friends arrived, he came over to our table because he didn't have any money.  His uncle Kelly slipped him some money amidst our protests.  Braeden took the money and kissed Kelly on the top of his head.  He was giddy and it was that kind of a night.

Here's something I know for sure:  seeing your kids happy is the most direct route to happiness.


Marianne said...

Your seeing kids happy quote is great. I'm glad things went so well.

Olivia Cobian said...

How delightful! I wish I could have seen the show. It sounds like you're all having a wonderful time--almost makes it worth you missing Women's Conference. Almost, but not quite.


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