Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A field trip, following Tigger and two big boys

Yesterday Mark and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo.  It's a good place.  It's better right after school starts when the weather is still marvelous and there are no children there above 2 feet tall except Mark.  Besides a few toddlers and their mothers we had the place to ourselves.  Mark is even getting old enough/ careful enough that I'm not afraid he's going to trample preschoolers.


He is growing up but he maintains his attention span.  Each animal got a maximum of 10 seconds of his time.  Less if they weren't being interesting.  He is sort of like Tigger.  I followed him on his bouncy way.

A different mother may medicate the child but I like him the way he is.

How can you not love a kid who hides from completely imagined foes...

...laughs at your joke--"I didn't know porcupines could throw their quills."

"They can't, but a bear can throw a porcupine."  (from The New Red Green Show)

...climbs on everything remotely climb-on-able...

...and makes a cute turtle?

I can't think of a more enjoyable sidekick.  (Or possibly I'm his sidekick?)

We met Adam for lunch.  Zeek's Pizza in the sunshine.  Seattle pulls out all the stops for September.  What a glorious day.

I (naturally) got lost trying to make my way back to the freeway.  There's a name for people like me.  It's "person-who-shouldn't-venture-out-of-her-neighborhood." I'm sort of an idiot but I'm Adam's idiot so I called him and he guided me.

In a completely unrelated matter, here's a picture that made me smile (and brought out my picture stealing thievery tendencies--I'm Enoch's favorite sister though so I don't think he minds).

Two men I will always look up to (unless I stand on a chair).

My brother Enoch at our cousin Harvey's football game.  You don't have to have facial hair if you're related to me.  It just seems that way.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Mark hiding from his imaginary foe reminds me so much of my little Ruben!


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