Monday, September 10, 2012

The upside of rain

Around here, there's been talk of breaking the record for the longest period without rain--51 days.  It has made some people a little crazy.

I recognize the irony of us being excited about a dry spell when a lot of the country is suffering from a drought.  I grew up in a place where we prayed for rain.

Friday night Braeden and Emma went to a high school football game.  He is very sweet to welcome his little sister along at such times.  (He did however absolutely forbid her from wearing her red jeans which she wanted to wear.  Glacier Peak was playing Snohomish and Snohomish's colors are red and white.)

The weather on Friday was glorious in its dry sunniness.  I thought what a marvelous night for a football game.  It wasn't even too cold when we went to pick them up in the 10:00 hour.  Fabulous.

Then as we arrived at the game and saw wave after wave of people leaving, I saw wave after wave of high school girls wearing really short shorts.  Apparently that is the thing to wear to football games.  That and little tutus.  (?)  I looked at otherwise very cute girls who appeared to have unflattering thunder thighs with their short shorts. Don't they have mothers?  Mirrors?

With a teenage son, I especially regret partially clad teenage girls.  The forecast for today?  63 and rainy.  Thank goodness. 


Whitney Shane said...

Just last night my mom and I were talking about how girls dress at football games. She mentioned something about metallic tights with swimsuit bottoms over them, a sports bra and a painted stomach. One, where is the parent to whoop their kids butt? Two, where is the school administration telling them that they can't come to sport events dresses like a street walker??

Olivia Cobian said...

I'll keep praying for rain.


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