Thursday, September 27, 2012

Randomness, part two

Whatever works:

Mark has been working on learning the two letter postal codes for each state.

Yesterday he was filling out a blank map.

"The way I remember Arizona is that Cal used to live there and he's in the honors class at his school," he said.

I said, "I don't understand how that helps you remember it.  What does AZ have to do with an honors class?"

He said, "A-Z?  The alphabet?"  He looked sort of disappointed by my denseness and went back to his work with a sigh.  "It's a smart kid thing," he said, "You wouldn't understand."

My parents have a blue car:

At my writing group, we talked about a lot of things, writing even.  One thing we talked about was cars and one of our members is in the market for a new car.  Other members were throwing around names of cars like the knowledgeable women that they are.  Someone mentioned a Subaru.  The car shopper said she thought her husband was too tall to fit in one.

I said, "My parents have one and my dad is tall."

Then they wanted to know what kind of Subaru.

I said, "A blue one."

(They laughed at me for some reason.)

I was recounting this story to Marianne on the phone--if there's one thing I talk to my sisters about, it's trivialities.  She said that our dad's cousin had called her because he knew our parents liked their Subaru and wondered what kind it was.

Marianne's answer?  It's blue.

Maybe car identification is not our strong suit. (One of my brothers could tell me the kind of car so I can stop embarrassing myself.  They seem like the type of people that would know that kind of thing.)

Clearly, Marianne and I have mastered our colors though.


Ammon said...

I believe it is a Subaru Outback. Like the steakhouse, or behind a building? Maybe Mark can help you remember.

Marianne said...

You should hear my embarrassing car story of the day. It was a hard day.

Olivia Cobian said...

I also only know that it is a blue Subaru. How many kinds of Subarus are there, anyway? Is there also an Infront?

Thelma said...

And that, Olivia, is one of the reasons why I love you so much. Tell me you and Marianne and I have other talents?

Enoch said...

Ammon nailed it. Way to go pal. Fist bump!

Stephanie L Johnson said...

still laughing, not sure why, except, I get you girls, that is fine, right?


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