Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just be yourself?

 Common advice:

"Just be yourself."

I remember being in junior high and hearing people say that.  Everyone said that.  Seventeen magazine, of which I was an enthusiastic devotee, said it.  Teachers at school said it.  Posters with cute furry animals proclaimed it.

"Just be yourself."

It seemed so simple, so easy to follow the advice.  Just. Be. Yourself.

Except there was one little tiny problem.  I didn't know who "myself" was.  How could I follow the lights of someone that didn't know what lights to follow?  I didn't know my preferences.  I didn't know how to be successful in the treacherous waters of junior high.  Also, "myself" had huge glasses and braces and frizzy hair.  "Myself" was smart and got good grades but that was definitely not doing me any favors in the popularity department.  "Myself" was sort of shy and sort of awkward.  I didn't think being myself was going to help.

"Myself" was kind of a nerd.

I don't pretend to have figured out all there is to figure out about being authentic, being genuine.  I have learned some things though.

Last year, I wrote every day in October, for 31 days, about being grateful.  I enjoyed the challenge and believe it made me more grateful.  This month, I'm going to write about being authentic.  I am hoping it will help me in my quest to do the same. 


Jaime said...

This was totally my first choice, but then I changed my mind... ;) Can't wait to read what your series! I think it's a great topic!

Positively Alene said...

Why is being ourselves so hard? I was reminded today how much I compare myself to others. Nope nope nope -- need to be me!!! Thanks for the reminder. I’m writing about 31 Days of Anonymity where I give others an opportunity to write anonymous letters to those they feel they need to. It's going to be a great month.

Unknown said...
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Heather said...

This is a great topic! Can't wait to follow along!

Janet said...

I like nerds. I married one. :)


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