Thursday, September 20, 2012

New curtains

I decided that I wanted to make new curtains for my kitchen window.  (This won't be a sewing tutorial.  If I did that, I would be able to hear the laughter from my computer from people that really know how to sew and that would hurt my feelings, I think.)

I have no problem coming up with ideas.  At any given time, my mind is teeming with ideas.  I have no problem rushing off to the store in haste and buying materials that may or may not work and may or may not be in the correct quantities.  I love that part.

I'm not actually good at sewing though.

Measuring, cutting, pinning, being all makes me as queasy as balancing my checkbook does.  (I don't balance my checkbook by the way, I'm just using that as an example.  Don't tell my mom, the accountant.)

A few weeks ago, I was hosting a cub scout committee meeting at my house.  My friend and primary counselor, Heidi, wondered if I needed any help.  (She meant with the meeting.  I knew that's what she meant.)  I said, "Yes!  Will you advise me on my curtains?"

Because Heidi can sew.

Before the meeting I lay everything out on my kitchen table and told her my idea.  She told me she thought it would work.  She told me I had to take more steps than I was planning on taking in the sewing.  I saw that she was probably right.

Then the materials sat in a forlorn bag in the corner of my bedroom because they intimidated me.

Finally, yesterday I decided I should just sew them.  No more procrastinating.

I took a deep breath and scattered everything around on the table and started in.  I was just getting going, when Marianne called.

"I'm mad at you!" I declared.

She said, "Oh, well I was just going to give you a compliment."

"Go ahead," I said.  (I wouldn't miss a compliment if I had one coming.)

"I made your cookies and they lived up to their billing."  We chatted cookies for a while and she said, "Why are you mad at me?"

"Because you are not here, sewing these curtains for me.  You should live by me!" (Sisters have a way of spoiling you.  Even though I haven't lived near them for 15 years I feel like I'm being cheated by their lack of proximity.)

Marianne reminded me that I was the one that left and she lives within sight of our ancestral home.


Then Olivia called on my other phone and since she's been on a trip and I haven't talked to her for a week, I ditched Marianne (she told me I had better talk to the elusive Olivia and I was mad at Marianne after all) and talked to Olivia.  When I finally returned to my sewing, I just kept my head down and forged on.

They pretty much worked!  No one was more surprised than I was.

I think of my Grandma Jaynes every time I decorate my Christmas tree.  The glass bottles on my kitchen windowsill are inspired by my Grandma Dahl--those and the red geraniums on my front porch. 

They are a little wonky and crooked but when you consider that I am a person that eyeballs things rather than measures them they aren't too bad.

So I did it!  I sewed curtains.  I lived to tell the tale.  Now on to my next idea...


Jennifer said...

I love the curtains! You don't give yourself enough credit. I am one who can't sew. As in, not at all. Completely untalented. You just made curtains! YOU are fabulous. I'd like to see a picture of the whole kitchen... to get the whole effect. I love the red in your kitchen. And I love you too.

Also, now I'm mad at Marianne too. I saw her with chocolate chip cookies going into scouts yesterday. If those were your perfect chocolate chip cookies that lived up to the billing and she didn't even offer me one.... well, that's just offensive. :)

Thelma said...

I had to take a carefully selected picture of the kitchen so you would be under the impression that the dishes were done. If/when the kitchen is all clean, I'll pull back the camera a little.

Jennifer said...

A shot with a few dirty dishes would have made an untalented, unable-to-sew gal feel a little better about herself. I'd know that I wasn't the only one who had dirty dishes (and couldn't sew!).

Marianne said...

Jennifer may not be able to sew but she makes a mean banana split dessert. I should have given her a cookie. I guess she won't see this anyway.

Olivia Cobian said...

What lovely curtains! Are these in your kitchen? Yes, I see after reading others' comments that they ARE in your kitchen. Great job!


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