Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Be the best version of yourself

In her book Simple Abundance, Sarah ban Breathnach writes about listening to your authentic self:

She is the highest reflection of your soul, the embodiment of the perfect woman who resides within and she sends you Love to light your path.

Sarah ban Breathnach maintains that we really know the right way to be, the way that is our best self, we just don't always listen.

Another way to think about it is to imagine a person you completely admire and look up to.  Now imagine this person is next to you.  They are watching you, listening to you, knowing you.

Wouldn't it change the way you act?  Wouldn't you act like the best version of yourself?  And that best version of yourself, the one that is confident and fabulous and says the right thing, that's the real and authentic you.  That person I most want to be is the real and authentic me.

That authentic self is different for each of us, because we are all different. Our authentic selves may tell us yes to baking bread, no to getting a PhD.  Yes to writing a book, no to painting our house.  Yes to getting a job, no to planting a garden.  Yes to learning to play an instrument, no to learning to speak Italian. Who knows?

(Our authentic selves know.)

Emma a few years ago:  being authentic.
She can do that with her eyes...they are on different paths.  Freaky.


Jennifer said...

I liked this post too. I haven't taken the time to read much for me since I became a mom, but I did read (and love)Sarah ban Breathnach's book. I liked what you wrote about picturing the person you admire being with you all day. That thought intrigues me. It also made me hum the Primary song "If the Savior Stood Beside Me." :)

Jennifer said...

PS I think Emma is so cool.

Olivia Cobian said...

I think Emma looks like our cousin Hannah in this picture! I don't know if Hannah has that eye talent, though.


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